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Sarah Fey Chamberlin, LMT




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Spring is in the air and I couldn't be happier about it!  The bright sun shine brings life and energy to my spirit. I am grateful that I started taking my allergy medicine and immune boosting inflammatory cooling supplements in February. This gives my body time to prepare for the dust and pollen about to penetrate my system in about March/April. This way, I can enjoy the beauty of spring with all it's blooming beauty without the intense itching that makes me want to scratch my eyeballs out. :P 

What is new at Healing World? For one, I wish I could duplicate myself to make massage therapy more available to the masses. Having a solo ran practice makes it impossible to meet the needs of everyone. It is imperative to conserve my time and energy in order to prevent burnout, injury to myself, and have the mental, emotional, and physical energy to give each and every client the attention that they deserve. This sometimes means that I have had to thin out my client load and limit my hours of operation. 

On another note, I will be taking a camping trip to learn more about Reiki Healing and an upcoming training into the field of energy/intuitive work. This will be over my birthday/Memorial Day Weekend. I am very excited about this expansive training and I am sure all my clients will benefit from it as well. yay!!

I hope you are all taking very good care of yourselves!!

Much love/Namaste.

Be well. Live well. Love yourself. Love others!