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Sarah Fey Chamberlin, LMT




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Dearest humans,

I have not been well. I have overcommitted my time and energy to too many people and ideas that I thought would work out. Unfortunately, this has brought great stress and anxiety upon me and I have reached burnout quicker than ever. 

10 years ago, I was on complete medical disability for my mental health. I had been on disability for about 6 years. When my ex-husband and I moved out of King County, I lost all of the medical treatments and training I was getting. I thought I was well enough to deal with my illnesses on my own due to being on the right medication. 

Anyway, to make a long story short, I have had a major relapse in my mental and physical well-being! My hand is raw, cracked and painful from a skin condition and I started having severe anxiety/panic attacks. I have not been coping well and need to get my life back on track. 

 I will not be able to see anymore clients until I get my own life back on track. I am sincerely sorry for the disappointment and my inability to cope better. I am trying my best. 

please be well and take care of yourselves. 

Sarah Fey💜