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Fall is definitely here and it feels like it's going to be a cold winter!  Fortunately, I have my table warmer on for you all and you can always purchase a hot stones, hot steamed towels, and/or the hydrocollator pads add on to your massage for intense moist heat to the muscles and fascia.  If you have noticed your body getting more stiffness and discomfort during the colder weather?  This is a very common occurrence as we tend to shrug our shoulders, round our backs and bury our chins in an attempt to get that satisfying warmth our bodies long for.  We also might not be moving as much as we do during the warmer months.  

Something called "vasoconstriction" occurs where the muscles tighten to constrict blood vessels throughout the body. Less heat then reaches the surface of our bodies so that our core temperature can remain stable for our vital organs. (homeostasis).  Since our bodies adapt to the positions and conditions that they are exposed to, over time our muscles become tight and stiff. 

So what do we need to do to counteract this natural occurrence? Get our bodies warm by activating it with movement, graded exposure (aka active stretching), exercise, saunas, and of course massage therapy! :)

Speaking of massage, many people may have had a difficult time getting ahold of me. There are a couple of reasons for that and one of them is that I missplaced my work cell phone. I am currently working with Verizon to get that rectified. Secondly, I have a full schedule (plus a puppy at home and a teenager that I'm trying to get ready for college.) 

I am not currently taking new clients and if you have been in to see me before, please send me an email.

I would really like to expand my practice so if you know of anyone who is looking for a space to rent for massage therapy, I have space. I would also be willing to hire that right massage therapist in order to fill the demand for a really good massage!  


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